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Realtor.com iPhone app hits 1 million downloads

Realtor.com iPhone app hits 1 million downloads

App also rolls out new search features

By Inman News, Wednesday, June 2, 2010.

Inman News

Realtor.com’s iPhone application has reached 1 million downloads, site operator Move Inc. announced Wednesday.

The announcement comes about five months after Realtor.com launched the app in January. Since then, users have used the app to access the Realtor.com website an average of two times per day and spend an average of about 16 minutes per session using the app. That contrasts with a five- to six-minute average for other apps in the same “Lifestyle” category, the site said.

While traffic on the Realtor.com website peaks on weekdays, app usage is greatest during the weekends, the site said.

“With more than 7.5 million homes viewed on the Realtor.com iPhone app every month since our launch in January 2010, and thousands of calls and e-mails to Realtors from consumers via the app each month, our iPhone app is clearly connecting buyers with Realtors as they search for real estate properties and information,” said Move CEO Steve Berkowitz in a statement.

Realtor.com also unveiled new app features with its announcement. Its “Area Scout” feature uses the iPhone’s GPS function to allow users to find out more about homes in their nearby area, including average price per square foot, average homes sizes and closest major roadways. The app also now allows users to sort listings by days on market and includes new search categories, such as “waterfront”, “garage,” “multi-story,” and others, the site said.

Competitor Zillow.com announced downloads of its iPhone app were approaching 1 million in February, about 10 months after the Zillow app’s launch in April 2009.

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