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  • A Sheltered Life / A New Denver Magazine
    A Sheltered Life Magazine This is their first edition in Summer of 2013. According to the Editor and Publisher, Elaine Marlier the magazine wants to help homeless animals that cannot help themselves. The magazine sells for $1.95 and 100% of every sale goes directly to the aid of homeless animals. Our current economy has had […]

Denver is 'most improved' U.S. housing market, Businessweek says.

Denver is ‘most improved’ U.S. housing market, Businessweek says -

“In Denver, the economy and employment slowed just as other areas did during the recession, but things appear to be moving in the right direction this year,” the report says. Metro-area home prices increased 5.8% in the first quarter from the same period of 2009 as sales grew and distressed sales fell. The report cites research by Development Research Partners of Littleton forecasting a 5% boost in both home sales and prices in the Denver-area this year. “An influx of renewable energy companies and the relocation of kidney care giant DaVita’s headquarters to Denver from California in 2009 are expected to create jobs,” Businessweek’s Venessa Wong wrote.

Read full article: http://www.bizjournals.com/denver/stories/2010/06/07/daily75.html?s=industry&i=resi_real_estate

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